The following singers & players helped
turn my Demos into Songs!

Where available, I have included their websites.
Please check them out:

Acoustic, Electric, Slide Guitars; Keyboards; Lead & Background Vocals
Recording & Production - Barry Haggarty

Keyboards - Steve O'Connor

Pedal Steel - Al Brisco

Drums - Gary Craig

Drums - Ken Post

Lead Vocal - Arden McManus

Lead Vocal - Barb Monahan

Lead Vocal - Claudia Davison

Lead Vocal - Elyse Saunders

Lead Vocal - Kate Brioux

Lead Vocal - Mary Bennet

Lead Vocal - Adam Haggarty

Lead Vocal - Barry Haggarty

Lead Vocal - Kenny DesChamp

Lead Vocal - Larry MacDonald

Lead Vocal - William Hood

Background Vocals - Kate Suhr

Background Vocals - Mary Bennet

Background Vocals - Claudia Davison

Background Vocals - Adam Haggarty

Background Vocals - Barry Haggarty

Background Vocals - William Hood

Bass & Background Vocals - Roy Williams

Steve Ingram - Brad Campbell
Paul Bailie - Don Barclay
Chris Campbell - Richard Boyer
Al McPhee - Gary Colling
Marion Campbell - Christie McPhee
Mary Bennet - William Hood
Patricia Duffy - Danny Bronson
​​​​​​​Richard Campbell - Steve Sexton
Dave Dunkley