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SEPTEMBER '17 Update :)

Hope you had a great summer, despite the unpredictable weather ... looks like it finally showed up!

Spent yesterday in the studio - Haggarty Sound - with my good friend Barry.

His son Adam nailed the vocal for "Toys" which can be easily accessed here.

Barry completed the mix, and I love the result - enjoy!


Check out SongU.com! 
Can't say enough about their Courses, Feedback Sessions, and Pitching opportunities.



MAY Update :)

From last March ... 

 ... Hearing Jon Cleary at the 2015 Po-Boy Festival in New Orleans inspired a bluesy piano AABA song - "It Ain't True"

It took a while to come together; lots of edits and rewrites; Ken DesChamp provided a stellar bluesy vocal.

I'm very happy with the end result, but the challenge now is How to get it to Jon and actually have him listen to it! I would love to hear The Monster Gentlemen singing the title!!


OCTOBER Update :)

Results from the 3rd SW Contest for SongoftheYear are in:

"BE THE REASON" placed as a Semi-Finalist which continues a very satisfying year, having previously placed two other songs as Runner Ups (SongoftheYear) and one as a Finalist (Great American Songwriting Contest)!


From their email:
The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.
Great job and congratulations on your songwriting…

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AUGUST Update :)

Two in a row!!

ROCK SALAD placed as Runner Up (Instrumental) in the most recent results for Song of the Year's songwriting contest.

In their previous contest, TOGETHER (Country) also placed as Runner Up.

2016 is turning out to be a very good year :)

Good Health!


MAY Update :)

More good news!

Following 'BELLAMY 5' finishing as a Finalist in the Great American Songwriting Contest ... (Instrumental)

"TOGETHER" placed as Runner Up in Song Of The Year's latest contest! ... (Country)

If you like Emmylou Harris, check out Mary Bennet's "SONGS OF EMMYLOU"


Talk soon,

MARCH Update :)

Check out SongU.com! 
Can't say enough about their Courses, Feedback Sessions, and Pitching opportunities.

A very nice finish to 2015's Songwriting Contest entries:
BELLAMY 5 was selected as a FINALIST in the Instrumental category of The Great American Songwriting Contest!

GASC also provides feedback on each entry, which is a valuable bonus that makes them worth supporting.

In the works:
Hearing Jon Cleary at the 2015 Po-Boy Festival in New Orleans inspired a bluesy piano AABA song - "It Ain't True"
Uplifting and…Read more

JANUARY Update :)

Happy New Year!
Hope you enjoy a Healthy, Successful Year!!

S.A.C. Songwriters Association of Canada gave me a strong vote of confidence last month.

"HIGH TIMES" was reviewed by their song-assessment service.

Rankings for Structure, Lyrics, Music, and Demo:
> 2x 'Good '
> 16x 'Very Good'

> Artistic Level - 9
> Commercial Potential - 8
> Song Quality - 9

Being a Classic Rock song, and written about the dangers of prolonged drug use, it needs to find a home in a very specific market(s).
I'm looking forward to…Read more

September Update :)

Very happy to report some awesome Professional feedback for 'Heaven's Lost and Found' !!!

Wow. Lovely intro and one of the most original concepts we’ve heard in a while.

Your chord selection is sensational; the song goes very interesting, goose-bumpy places.

We absolutely loved all of the melodies, verse, chorus and bridge.

Your transitions are smooth, natural and resolve nicely.

Structure is sound and there is fantastic storytelling.

This is a clinic in good songwriting, great job!

Thank you

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August Update :)

Happy to report 'BELLAMY 5' was an instrumental Semi-Finalist in Song of the Year's 2nd contest of 2015.

I have been co-writing with fellow SongU member Jane Ralston Pahr aka JustPlainJane
Jane lives in Trieste, Italy; 6 hours difference; so we get together via Skype
We are putting the finishing touches on 'Falling'
Had a lot of fun with this, and made a new 'amica'  in the process - can't ask for much more than that!

I'm ready to head back into the studio for two new songs
Also, based on valuable pro feedback,…Read more

Good News!

A > Rolf Schnyder of Liva Music (Switzerland) recently contacted me regarding a SongU Pitch:

He is actively pitching All I Need in Europe

B > Two in a row!

2x Runner-up
in Song of the Year's Songwriting Contest (SWC) with co-writer William Hood:

     (Adult Contemporary Mar 2015)

     (Adult Contemporary Dec 2014)

C > 1? ... 2? ... 3? ... actually ...Read more


7x TOP 30  *** Australian Songwriters Association SWC ***

1 - IT AIN'T TRUE (International Nov 2017)
2 - FEEL (International Nov 2017)
3 - BE THE REASON (International Nov 2016)
4 - YOUR SMILE (International Nov 2015)
5 - LOVE SINGS TO ME (International Nov 2014)
6 - WHEN I WIN THE BIG ONE (International Oct 2012)
7 - UNFORGIVEN (International Nov 2011)


3x FINALIST - *** Great American SWC ***

17th Annual Great American Song Contest

- 'Bellamy 5'

14th Annual Great American Song Contest

- 'Callin Thru The Night'

14th Annual Great American Song Contest

- Heaven's Lost and Found