Vocals - Adam Haggarty & Elyse Saunders
Guitars - Barry Haggarty


The Life We Know and Love
(©2015, Roy Williams; Karen Gregory)

[H – Husband; W – Wife; B – Both]

H ....... Work wants an answer Monday morning
If I accept we'd have to move
We can't ignore that kind of money
So much to gain so much to lose
A company car a yearly bonus
I'd love to make my daddy proud
But our folks would miss their grandkids
'cause we'd no longer be around

B ...... The Life We Know and Love
How much is enough
When the chance we take is on
The Life We Know and Love

W ...... We’d have to cancel Danny’s baseball
Joanna’s dancing classes too
Mary Kate’s improved all A's and B's
They'd be strangers in new schools
You've worked hard you deserve it
Baby I need you to see
We’d be halfway 'cross the country
I don’t know if I can leave

B ....... CH

H ...... If I let it pass will this be my last chance to get ahead

W ...... We can always use the money
It’s not easy raising three
If you say yes I guess
That’s okay with me
H ...... They’ll have their answer Monday morning
I don’t like to let them down
But we’re not moving to the city
‘Cause I’m in love with you and this old town

B ....... The Life We Know and Love
The Life We Know and Love
I have all I need with you in
The Life We Know and Love