Steve O'Connor's piano perfectly captures the feel we were looking for, and Ken Deschamps' vocal is ideally suited to the subject ... awesome interpretation ...


Heaven’s Lost and Found
(© 2011, Roy Williams; Karen Gregory)

Albert punches numbers as he fumbles with the phone
The coin return is empty but he’s found the twilight zone
He wonders why he hears a voice inside the dial tone
Whisper something about Heaven’s Lost and Found

Albert’s mind has gone away it’s on extended leave
He sends out scrambled signals he’s all but lost receive
He pays life less attention than his nose gets from his sleeve
He doesn’t know he’s in Heaven’s Lost and Found

His eyes flicker up then they flicker back down
He shoots off an opening remark
I’m looking for Mars have you seen it around
I’d be there by now but it’s dark
And there’s no people left in its cities or towns
Says the man with the garbage bag ark
That he carries through Heaven’s Lost and Found

Some will search for meaning some will search their souls
Some will search the scriptures some won’t search at all
Albert searches every day for what will see him through
He drinks to ease the pain that ruined the man that he once knew

He wanders alone in a sea of blank faces
The man drifting round place to place is
A captain whose ship ran aground
In a wasteland called Heaven’s Lost and Found

He’s just a gypsy in Heaven’s Lost and Found
He’s always searching in Heaven’s Lost and Found
He hears voices in Heaven’s Lost and Found
He doesn’t know he’s in Heaven’s Lost and Found