Highly recommended ... SONGWRITERS ON SONG WRITING, by Paul Zollo
RANDY NEWMAN's use of the "untrustworthy narrator", in the first person
JIMMY WEBB searching for unusual chord combinations - "I'm doing substitutions ... taking the third out ... adding a suspended second ... which sounds very strange all by itself ... sometimes it depends on the chord that comes before and after"
PAUL SIMON - "You want to have that first line that has a lot of options ... you have to be a good host to people's attention span ... otherwise people haven't settled in yet"
JOHN HIATT - "I'll get a chord pattern going ... that will evoke a melody and I'll start singing nonsense ... the nonsense will start taking shape into words"
CAROLE KING, on 'writer's block': "I have found that the key to not being blocked is to not worry about it. Ever. Do something else ... come back ... try again ... but do it in a relaxed manner"

Fascinating and informative, and very funny along the way!

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